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Having exclusively used Norelco (and 1 Remington) shavers over the past 30 years, I can say that this is by far the best shaver I have used yet. Here's what I like:

* Gives a great shave
* Very quiet
* Charges quickly
* Alot less irritation than previous razors. I think the fact that the heads move to the contour of your face has alot to do with that.
* Alot easier to hold
* Looks stylish, alot slimmer than previous models

My previous top-of-the-line Remington had the cleaning kit (similar to the Norelco setup). I never really liked having to buy the cleaning fluid, and changing the filters, etc. (kind of messy). But, it was a gift, so I dealt with it.
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While looking at these newer Norelco units, I was already biased into feeling that I "needed" a unit with the Jet Clean system. Today, while at Costco (sorry Amazon), my wife bought me the Norelco 1280x (no cleaning kit) as an early Xmas present (it's the "Premium Edition", $169.99 after Costco's current $30 off coupon - a good deal, I thought). After using the unit, I am very pleased with the shaving performance, as well as the cleaning.

The unit cleans very easily by running hot water on the blades for a few minutes (per the manual), after which you can open up the blades (they flip up) and continue to rinse. It's recommended that you do this after every shave, but who wants to do that every morning, right before work (not me, anyway)? I can see how doing this at least a few days a week will keep the unit very clean, without the hassle and expense of dealing with the cleaning fluid. Looking forward to more clean shaves with my new shaver.

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